Cleaning & Damage Policy :

Treat as your home : You are staying in a privately-owned cabin, and you must treat it as you would want someone to treat your home. Keep the cabin neat & tidy during the stay and leave cabin in clean condition at check-out.

Linens & Towels : Linens and towels are included in the unit sufficiently. There is no daily maid service available. You may bring extra towels in case you need more, or you may wash towels in washer-dryer provided in the cabin. Please don’t remove towels, linens or any other items from the cabin. All items are inventoried before check-in & after check-out. If any towels, linens, kitchen items or any other items in cabin are found missing, broken or damaged , it will be charged to the credit card to replenish it.
Execessive Cleaning : The cabin rate includes a basic cleaning fee only. All dirty dishes should be put in the dishwasher and dishwasher should be turned on before leaving the cabin. Refrigerator needs to be cleared of all food. The trash bags need to be tied up & taken to outside container. Start wash loads of used white bath & hand towels. Failure to comply with the cleaning policy may result in additional cleaning fee. If cabin is left unusually messy (such as unwashed dishes, stains on towels, bed sheets, furniture or floor, left over trashes on floor or decks, beer bottle pick-ups etc), additional cleaning fees up to $150 may be charged to you after your departure. The person with the credit card on file is solely responsible for any additional charges for extra cleanup or damages. MIssing or Damaged Items : All cabins items are inventoried before check-in & after check-out. The cost of any misplaced, broken or damaged items, alongwith the installation/repair labor cost & an additional $50 administration fees for the cabin manager to handle & coordinate the repair/replacement, will be will be charged to the card on file.

Occupancy Policy :

Guest Count : Don’t overcrowd cabin with more guests or visitors than max occupancy. If the Adults/Teens count or total guest count in your group is more than the cabin has listed respectively, there will be extra Guest Fees. Guest comfort : The cabin rental rates are based on number of people that the cabin sleeps comfortably as listed. Our cabins are equipped well (i.e. sewage systems, linens, towels, dishes, etc.) to handle only for a fixed number of people (i.e. 2 per King/Queen beds and 1 per Twin Beds) for the optimal guest comfort.
Extra Guests : The absolute maximum number of total persons allowed at each cabin may be 2 people over this number, including all children, at an additional guest charge of $50 per night per guest with an advance approval of cabin manager.

Parking Policy :

RVs, Trailers, ATVs, UHaul, Golf Car & Tents : These are not allowed at the cabin site and should not be brought to cabin site as the rural cabin roads are not designed for those types of vehicles, rather it should be parked at designated parking places / shades on Highways.

ATV Rides : The ATVs are only allowed in designated ATV trails of Ouachita National Forest. It is illegal to ride an ATV on any state or county roads. ATV rides are not allowed in the cabin sites. You must take your ATV vehicle to the ATV trails.
Fines : The fine for riding ATVs starts from $250 per person and are enforced by the McCurtain County Sheriffs. In Cabin sites, parking is povided only for reasonable number of vehicles per cabin depending on the sleeping capacity of the respective cabin.There are $200 fees per day for connecting RV at the cabin power outlets.

Housekeeping Policy :

Furnitures : Please do not re-arrange or move any furniture or items in your cabin. If any furniture is found to be displaced, there may be additional charge of $25 per furniture on your credit card. The floor damage by furniture move may result in additional charges.
Decks & Daily Trash: Do not allow children to draw with chalk inside cabin or on decks. Do not bring rocks up on the decks. Please do not place trash outside on the decks. Please bag all trash and place in the large wooden trash bins provided outside. Raccoons will come to decks if trash bags left outside.


Property Electronic Equipments Policy :

Equipment Tampering : A $100 fee will be imposed for tampering with electronic equipments, equipment wirings or any other connections that causes a service call. Do not unhook, move, disconnect any electronic or electrical equipment.

Internet/DSL/Wi-Fi, Satellite TV, Utility & Power Outage Policy :

Utility & TV Services : The cabins are in Oklahoma rural area in the woods near Ouachita National Forest and these area sometimes may suffer from electrical storm or other weather conditions which might cause some utility outages. The high-speed Internet service & Cable/Satellite TV services may be affected by local weather conditions sometimes, though it’s very rare. The guests will not use internet service in the cabin in a manner that violates any local, state, federal or international law or regulation, including but not limited to fraudulent and obscene activity.

Service Repairs : The local authority, the owners & cabin managers will do their best to minimize the outages on the best effort basis, if notified immediately. However, we don’t guarranty these services as sometimes it’s beyond the owners or cabin manager’s control.
No Refund : We don’t provide any discount or refund for failure of any of these services. Neither cabin owners, nor Management Company shall be held liable or responsible for any use violation.

Repair & Downtime Policy :

HVAC, Plumbing, Appliances & Systems DownTime: The cabins are newly built and we don’t anticipate any failure or malfunction of amenities, systems or appliances. But please understand that, during your stay appliances breaking or malfunctioning, HVAC or plumbing or electrical issues may occur as with any other home. The cabin manager will contact service contractors to rectify it on best effort basis if it is notified immediately. However, we don’t guaranty that these issues can be always fixed during your stay, as we don’t want to spoil your vacation with major repairs. In cabins having more than 1 AC unit, in case of one unit not cooling or heating for a major defective non-stock part, it may not be possible to fix it during the weekends or holidays, and the guests are requested to run the fan and adjust the other running AC accordingly. We don’t offer any discount or refund for any downtime.

Manage Heat & Air Control Policy :

SUMMER : Please set AC colling temperature no lower than 75 degrees. Leave temperature on AUTO/COOL. Please leave thermostat setting at 80 Degrees before Check-out.
WINTER : Please set Heating temperature no higher than 70 degrees. Leave thermostat on AUTO/HEAT. Never set thermostat on EMERGENCY HEAT ! Please leave thermostat setting at 60 degrees before Check-out.


Minimum Stay Policy :

Minimum Nights : Minimum Two(2) nights stay is always needed for any reservations, but Minimum 3 Nights stay is required for all Major Holidays, like, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Spring & Winter Holidays ). Up-Charge : One-night stay may be considered on a last-minute basis only depending on availability and by phone call. An up-charge of $250 for small cabins & $450 for Large cabins , will be added to the nightly rate for all pre-approved 1-night stays.

Security Deposit, Reservation & Cancellation Policy:

Booking : A valid credit card (Visa, MasterCard & Discover) must accompany each reservation. Minimum age to reserve a cabin is 21 years. Any guests under 21 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Security Deposit : A security deposit of $250 is needed to make any reservation, which will be charged to the credit card at the time of reservation. The security deposit will be only credited back to credit card on file after your successful check-out as per our check-out policies within 15-20 working days after your check-out. If you cancel the reservation, the security deposit is forfeited. Cabin Rent Payment : The full cabin rental amount is due 60 days prior to your stay. The system will automatically charge the full cabin rental on the card on file. If the booking date is within 2 months of your stay, the full cabin rental amount is also charged to your credit card immediately after the reservation. 9.25% Tax is assessed on the listed cabin nightly rent. Pre-Arrival Email : You will receive an e-mail 5-7 days before your stay from us with the driving direction, cabin access code, Wi-Fi Password & Guest Policy for sharing with your group members. Cancellation :Bookings cancelled up to 60 days before the day of check-in will incur a cancellation charge of $250. Bookings cancelled within 60 days before the day of check-in will incur a cancellation charge of 100% of the booking total. All cancellations must be made personally by telephone 2 months before the stay & should be completed with a follow-up cancellation e-mail. For any cancellation after the credit card has been charged for full rental amount for your stay, NO REFUND will be available. Inclement Weather : The weather condition doesn't constitute an exception to the cancellation policies. Change Request : On medical ground, a date change request may be allowed once, depending on availalbility with $40 Reservation Date Change Fee. Depending on availalbility, the cabin may be also switched once from one to other with $40 Cabin Switching Fee, if the the change request is made 30 days before check-in date.

Check-In & Check-Out Policy:

Strict Time Compliance : The check-in time is after 4 PM & check-out time is before 11 AM. These times are firm in order to allow adequate time for our cleaning crew to make the cabin ready for our next guests. If the check-out is delayed without prior approval, another night's rent may be charged. If you arrive early without prior information, our housekeeping will leave the cabin without ensuring the readiness & cleanliness of the cabin. No Refund : There is no refund for early departure or late arrivals for any reason. Early Check-Ins & Late Check-Outs : Depending on the readiness of the cabin, you may be accommodated for few hours early arrivals with cabin manager's advance approval. Also depending on our next booking in the cabin, you may be allowed for late check-out for few hours with cabin manager's advance approval. However, the early check-ins are not guaranteed. The hourly charge for early check-ins & late check-outs is $75 per hour, with a minimim $150 ( 2 hours ).


Guns & Fireworks Policy :

Guns & Fireworks : These are strictly prohibited at cabin site per city ordinance. The fines up to $5000 may be imposed for Gun Use or for doing Fireworks at the cabin site by City Authority. Quiet hours begin at 11 PM nightly. Our guests are expected to express courtesy to the guests of other cabins in the neighborhood. There will be a $250 fine charged on the card on file for Fireworks at Cabin Site by the owner due to massive risk to the log cabins and for the violation of cabin insurance regulations.
Constriuction : We have no control over ongoing construction work nor the construction work noise in the day time in the sub-division in any other lot.

Pet Policy:

Dogs Allowed : Our cabins are dog-friendly, but for maximum 2 dogs. No cats, birds or other animals are allowed in the property. Please make sure to bathe, brush and treat for fleas before bringing your furry family member to the cabin. Please do not allow your pets to be on the furniture or beds, and please crate them when you are away from the cabin. Please do not allow your dog to chew the furniture or any other stuff in the cabin Dog Fee : There is $75 pet fee per stay per pet in our cabins for small dogs (below 15 lbs). For Big dogs the pet fee is $150 per dog per stay. Damage : For any damage in the cabin by pet , the cost of repair or replacement ( as needed , per sole discretion of the cabin manager ) will be assessed and it will be charged to your card after your departure. Excessive pet hairs, dirt or slobber on the furniture may result in a $100 additional charge. Unpaid-Undeclared Dogs : We suggest to declare & pay the dogs before check-in. For undeclared unpaid dogs, $200 will be charged per dog per stay on the card on file.

Pests & Natural Preservation Policy:

Pest Control : To ensure the best possible experience to our guests, we perform pest control treatment on a regular basis in our cabins, and also all our mattresses & pillows are covered with bug protectors. However, because our cabins are located in the woods, there is a probability that sometimes the guests would bring inside some bugs with them in their cloths or shoes. So we recommend our guests to use bug spray when they go out of the cabin. Unfortunately ladybugs, bees, wasps & many other bugs or insects are part of our environment in the woods, and it's difficult to prevent them from occasionally visiting the cabins. We strongly suggest that our guests carry some bug repellent, insects killer and even wasp spray with them. We don't offer any refunds for pests. Natural Preservation : We really like our trees and we want to protect them & the nature. Please do not whack or cut down trees on the cabin site. The fines range from $250 to $1000 per tree depending on the type of damage. Charges might be filed with the local forest rangers for damaging trees, per city of Broken Bow.


No Smoking Policy:

No Smoking Inside : All our cabins are smoke-free. The guests are NOT AT ALL allowed to smoke inside the cabins. The owners of the cabins are very serious about the future guests who are not smokers. You may only smoke outside the cabin, but make sure you completely put-off the cigarette ends and don't throw it into the woods. Violation of Smoking policy may result in additional charge. If the cabin inside smells of cigarette smoke, or if there is any other evidence of smoking inside cabin, a penalty of up to $500 will be charged to your credit card on file.

Firewoods, Fireplace & Charcoal Policy:

No Charcoal : Our cabins are equipped with gas fireplaces & gas BBQ grills , already connected with onside gas tank. You don't need any wood burning in those nor you need to carry any propane tank. The wood burning in the fireplaces inside the cabin is banned. You shouldn't use Charcoal or firewoods in BBQ grill either. Firewoods : For outdoor fire rings , during the peak winter time ( i.e. Mid November to Mid February ), the limited startup firewoods ( 2 Bundles i.e. 10-12 Pieces) are provided as a complementary to our guests. You may like to carry if you need more and for using in other times of the year. Our Firepits are not designed for huge bonfire or campfire, nor it's for cooking. You shouldn't use woods or wood logs from our cabin site. The firewoods are also available for purchase at any local convenient store. Damage Fines : Damage by use of charcoal in BBQ, firewoods in fireplaces or for excessive use of fire woods in the fire pit outside, or use of wood logs from the cabin site during Mar-Oct, the guests may be charged a fine of upto $250, depending on the nature of policy violation.


Hot Tub Use Policy:

Hot Tub : It's drained, cleaned, refilled, and chemically sanitized prior to each guest arrival. Because the hot tubs are completely drained and refilled prior to each guest stay, the water may not be warm until the evening of your arrival. Hazards : There may be health risks & hazards associated with the use of hot tubs. Please use the hot tub at your own discretion and at your sole responsibility. Damage : Handle cover gently & carefully so that it doesn't get torn at the center folding joints. Please do not allow anyone in your group to walk-on, scratch, damage, sit, jump, play or stand on the hot tub covers. If the hot tub cover breaks or gets damaged, $750 will be charged to your credit card to replace the cover. The condition of the hot tub cover is documented prior to your arrival. Safety : Please supervise children at all times while they are using the hot tub. When you're not using the hot tub, please leave the cover on so the hot tub will stay warm and debris will stay out. Please take shower before using the hot tub because some lotions or makeup chemicals mixed with the hot tub chemicals can cause rash on your skin. Disclaimer : Neither owner nor the cabin management company assume any responsibility for occurrence of any accident, health hazard, damage or loss in any form to guests, guest's family or guests.

Fishing Lake Use Policy:

Fishing Lakes : We have twin private about 1-acre each fishing Lakes (about 15-20 ft deep at the center) with fishing piers & trails around the water. The guests can fish free without license , as complementary bonus. The Lake site is for restricted use only by our guests of all our HILLTOP cabins (Green Manor, Aqua Vista, Lovers Den, Castle Wood, Honey Cove & Bee Hives, Anand-Ville & Aqua South Extension only ). Use Rules : Our guests are required to respect the 'Lake Use Guidelines' as noted below:- 1) Don’t go to Lake areas or docks in the dark. No Swimming. No Diving or Boating. No Fish Feeding. 2) No Sitting & Climbing on Handrails. No Throwing of objects to water. No Walking close to water line. 3) Use of Fishing Net Prohibited. No Littering at Lake site. Use Lakes at your own risk.
4) Catch & Release Only (if catch is less than 14") Disclaimer : The guests understand & agree that , neither the owner nor the management company shall be liable for any accident, damage or injury to any guest, guest's visitors & their families or anyone, while using the Lake & Lake site.


Cabin Departure Policy:

Must complete chores : You must depart by 11am on check-out day to help our cleaning staff to prepare the house for our next guests. Before you check-out, you're required to do the following ( otherwise there may be an addition housekeeping fee of up to $150 charged to your credit card ) :– 1) Clean dirty dishes, glasses & used utensils. Load & start dishwasher. 2) Clean out foods from refrigerator. Bag all trash and place in wooden trash bins outside. 3) Gather used towels & linens and put in the Laundry room area. Strip all bed sheets. 4) Start 2 loads of only white towels. Adjust thermostats to 85 Degrees in SUMMER & 60 Degrees in WINTER. 5) Leave cabin in cleaned & tidy condition. Put off lights & fans in cabin and outside. 6) Secure all opened windows & exterior doors and return key to lockbox and rotate lockbox dial. There may be additional $100 charge if cabin key is not found in the keybox.


Lost & Found Policy:

Disclaimer : Neither owner nor the management company shall be responsible for any personal property & stuff that are left behind by guest in the cabin which are not found or recovered in the cabin. We don't save the found items beyond 2 weeks.
Return : On request, the "lost & found" items in the cabin may be packaged & shipped to the guest as a concierge service with a handling service fee of $50 per shipping, plus the actual shipping charges. We don't save the found items beyond 2 weeks.

General Liability Release Policy:

Disclaimer : The guests understand that all indoor & outdoor activities or usage of amenities at the cabin site inside or outside, may involve certain inherent risk of injury even up to death. The guests and their pets may be exposed to various bugs or insects inside, or to any animals outside the cabin, as the cabins are in the woods. The guests agree that, the owner or management company shall not be liable for any accident or damage of any kind, but not limited to bug bites, any medical condition for exposure to bugs, any allergies, any subsequent expenses to treat the allergies, damage or injury to any guest, guest's guest or their families or pets for any reason, any loss or damage of any of their personal property from what-so-ever cause during the occupancy or use of the premises or by any amenities in the cabin. By agreeing to make reservation in our cabins, the guests deem to have agreed to release us from any liability for any damage for any cause.

Pivacy & Security Policy:

We respect our guests' privacy and are committed to protect their privacy. Our reservation process uses a very secured extended validation SSL which gives a high degree of security & reliability for our guests for payments. We will not release or sell any personally identifiable information to anyone. So, all your personal identity, information & credit card information are well secured with us.

Inclement Weather Policy:

Disclaimer : Be aware of possible weather and road condition that you may encounter, depending on what time of year you are traveling. We do not offer any discounts or refunds due to bad weather, for early departure & late arrivals for weather conditions, nor for bumpy rough/dusty rural road conditions. During winter months, four-wheel drive or chain-equipped vehicles may be recommended. During Peak summer times, the rural high peak roads going to our cabins may be dusty & rough driving. The outside sink, faucets, icemakers, hot tubs on the porches may be frozen or damaged due to weather condition and occasionally it may not be used by guests due to bad weather. Sometimes due to bad weather, Hot Tub water may not be hot enough or the frozen jets may not be working. We don’t offer any discount or refunds for anything caused by inclement weather.

Compliance of Rules

Acceptance & Agreement : When you made the reservation online or over phone, it's assumed that you already reviewed our rules & guest policies and it's understood that you read, understood & agreed to comply. Non-compliance : It's sole responsibility of the person who made the reservation to pay for all the fees associated with each non-compliance.